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KTreeViewItem * KTreeView::itemAt ( int  row  )  const

Returns a pointer to the item in the specified row, or 0 if the specified row is outside the limits. This is a cheap operation.

row specifies the row index
the item at the specified row
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Definition at line 899 of file ktreeview.cpp.

Referenced by appendChildItem(), changeItem(), collapseItem(), collapseSubTree(), expandItem(), expandSubTree(), getCurrentItem(), insertItem(), itemPath(), join(), keyPressEvent(), keyReleaseEvent(), lowerItem(), mouseDoubleClickEvent(), mouseMoveEvent(), mousePressEvent(), mouseReleaseEvent(), raiseItem(), removeItem(), split(), and takeItem().

    if (row < 0 || row >= numRows()) {
      return 0;
    else {
      // lookup the item in the list of visible items
      assert(row < itemCapacity);
      KTreeViewItem* i = visibleItems[row];
      assert(i != 0);
      return i;

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