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bool KTreeView::forEveryItem ( KForEveryFunc  func,
void *  user,
KTreeViewItem root = 0 

Iterates every item in the tree, visible or not, and applies the function func with a pointer to each item and user data supplied as parameters. The children of the specified root item are visited (root itself is not visited!). If root is 0 all items in the tree are visited. KForEveryFunc is defined as:

typedef bool (KTreeView::*KForEveryFunc)(KTreeViewItem*, void*);

That is, a member function that returns bool and takes a pointer to a KTreeViewItem and pointer to void as parameters. The traversal ends earlier if the supplied function returns bool. In this case the return value is also true.

func the member function to call for every visited item
user extra data that is passed to func
root the root item of the subtree to scan; this item itself is not scanned
See also:

Definition at line 762 of file ktreeview.cpp.

References KTreeViewItem::getChild(), KTreeViewItem::getSibling(), KTreeViewItem::hasChild(), and KTreeViewItem::owner.

Referenced by count(), setShowItemText(), and setTreeDrawing().

    if (item == 0) {
      item = treeRoot;
    assert(item->owner == this);
    item = item->getChild();

    while (item != 0) {
      // visit the siblings
      if ((*func)(item, user)) {
          return true;
      // visit the children (recursively)
      if (item->hasChild()) {
          if (forEveryItem(func, user, item))
            return true;
      item = item->getSibling();
    return false;

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